14 April 2024


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Capella Singapore; Luxury That Blends Well With Strong Heritage Accent

Capella Singapore represents luxury in the very spacious hotel that adorns the fascinating Sentosa Island. There is no doubt that it attracts anyone who might be confused in deciding the best place to stay on the island. The location is just right, and surrounding ensures a peaceful atmosphere for all guests.

Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore; Both Vintage and Modern Style

The heritage style of Malay welcomes all guests with a jaw-dropping exterior. The building is not only spacious but also grandeur. The art deco has a strong accent at the vintage edifice. It is not surprising, though, because it was the historical building that was built in the 1880s.

Guests can feel the historical ambiance at the Living Room which happened to be the party place for the British army during WWII. At this moment, guests can enjoy the afternoon tea as a complimentary with some available snacks. The resort has some extensions with modern style. The curving frame structure hosts all the elegant rooms and suites with the ample courtyard as the sample.

The resort also hosts villas that guests can choose, whether they opt for one or two bedrooms. Each of them has a private pool with an outdoor terrace. The guests at villas can also have direct access to the public beach.

High Tech Facilities within the Epoch Style Rooms

Most rooms welcome guests with a natural color palette as the wall accent. Yet, it adorns the overall luxury within the vintage-style rooms. Of course, there is no outdated amenity within each room. On the other hand, materials in each room have premium quality, from the fixtures and furnishings.

All functionalities for the room include air conditioning, lighting, blind curtains. Guests can easily operate them within one control panel. What’s more, guests won’t have any shortage of entertainment, thanks to the sophisticated sound system by Bose.

Guests still can enjoy luxury within the bathroom. Toiletries are exclusive from Aesop and bath amenities are truly plush. Every bathroom has direct views of the seascape of the island, in which there is access to the big balcony facing the island.

The Residences are worth Trying

It is important to spend a great time at The Manor Experience, the exclusive choice of Capella Singapore.  This residence has been the most favorite place for family vacations. It hosts five to six people who will indulge in exclusive services, including personal chef and tailored kids’ activities.

There is a private swimming pool for every residence, where lounge chairs lie elegantly in the poolside. Guests will feel like they live alone in the hotel, as they enjoy private services, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They can even reserve for personal massage treatment.

Try Every Facility for the Best Holiday Experience

Whichever rooms that guests choose at Capella Singapore, they can feel certain that they will get the best service. It may not be one of those cheap hotels in Singapore. But, all guests who have been here mentioned that they will come back for a more relaxing moment in this tranquil resort.