16 Juni 2024


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Impressive Design of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel Building

Marina Bay Sands has three exclusive hotel towers crowned with Sands SkyPark. It is the largest hotel in Singapore. This iconic place has modern architecture. It is the work of architect Moshe Safdie, and the entire integrated tourist area is 20 hectares.

Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Physical Form

Each of the three towers at the Marina Bay Sands hotel has a height of 55 floors. This building is there from the 1960s to the 1980s. From a distance, the hotel building looks like the letter M.

At the top of the three hotel towers, there is a ship-like building called the Sand SkyPark, which is also the crown of the building. Sand SkyPark’s size is about 12,400 square meters. It can accommodate approximately 250 trees and 650 other plants. From this area, you can see the Singapore skyline from a 360-degree angle, from high-rise buildings to the harbor.

Elements of Art in Buildings

This building designed by Moshe Safdie combines the work of six international artists. Such artists are Antony Gormley with an installation called Drift, by Chongbin Zheng, Rising Forest. There is also James Carpenter with his work called Blue Reflection Facade with Light Entry Passage. Drift’s work is a three-dimensional stainless steel polyhedral matrix, located between the 5th and 12th floors of the atrium of the first hotel tower.

Rising Forest is a ceramic sculpture made of 83 large pottery vessels. Each vessel can accommodate one tree, thus providing a canopy on the interior and exterior of the hotel atrium.

Strategic Area

The largest hotel in Singapore is located in a very strategic area, only separated from Bayfront Avenue. The construction of resorts and hotel facilities costs about 5.5 billion US dollars. Apart from hotels, this area is close to shops, museums, restaurants, and so on. An example of a museum near this area is the ArtScience Museum which is shaped like a blooming lotus flower with a dramatic waterfall.

The building features towering petals that differ in height and are coated with polymers that are often found on cruise ships. One of the unique shows in the area such as the Spectra-A Light And Water Show.

This free visual show tells the history of Singapore through 15-minute water, music, and light show. The show involves state-of-the-art fountain technology, pyramids, straight jets, gyroscopic arcs, as well as lava and fog effects.

Hotel Room Uniqueness

Rooms in the Marina Bay Sands hotel have double glazed windows, to minimize noise and heat from the windows. The hotel rooms have a state-of-the-art eco mode system, which allows guests to participate in protecting the environment.

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